Antigravity Batteries MICRO-START is the Original & TOP RATED mini Lithium Jump Starter / Personal Power Supply (PPS). When we say it’s SMALL, we mean it fits in your POCKET and weighs less than 1⁄2 Kg! Yet the Micro- Start is so powerful it will easily jump-start any car, truck, motorcycle or powersports vehicle. Amazingly it will also quickly charge & power all your electronic devices: laptops, tablets, cell phones, cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices and more! Never hunt for a power outlet – simply charge your MICRO-START and conveniently take back-up power anywhere you go!


  • MICRO-STARTS are lightweight and fit in your pocket, purse or backpack so you can take your Personal Power Supply (PPS) everywhere.
  • MICRO-STARTS are a self-contained Lithium-Ion power supply, built super-tough.
  • MICRO-STARTS have the power to jump-start a dead battery safely & easily.
  • Choose from 4 different PPS models – each is equipped with a jump-start port capable of starting V8 petrol trucks. For ultimate power our XP-10 has the ability to start Diesel engines.
  • Multifunctional operation: Personal Power Supply / Jump-Starter / LED Flashlight
  • Every Micro-Start is equipped with a high-power LED flashlight. In addition to its steady beam mode, the flashlight also features both SOS and strobe patterns. This built-in flashlight is handy for emergencies and for jump-starting at night. It’s also great for many other situations in dark environments such as looking through luggage or lighting up your tent and campground.
  • All Micro-Start models include at least one USB port and a multi-tip USB cable so you can conveniently charge most of your devices and have back-up power on the go. Take your personal power supply (PPS) to work, out studying, or exploring; and keep your phone, tablet, camera, GPS and many other USB devices charged.
  • Both XP-1 and XP-10 also have 12V and 19V ports for charging accessory devices as well as your laptop!
  • All Micro-Start PPS models include a set of SMART Mini Jumper Clamps with Multiple Safety Protections built-in (thermal protections & multiple safety features: prevents reverse polarity connection, over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, back- charge).
  • Each Micro-Start comes as a complete kit inside a Padded Carry Case. Organise and protect your power supply and included accessories and easily stow in your car, bag or suitcase.
  • All Micro-Start kits (except SPORT*) come with both a home/wall charger (110V-220V AC) and a mobile charger that plugs into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter port (12V DC). Conveniently charge your PPS back up after its extended use whether at home or on the go. *The SPORT model does not have the wall or mobile charger. Instead, it is designed to charge off any available USB outlet, such as on your computer, in your car or even your existing Phone charger. (XP-3 can also charge off any USB, as well as by home or mobile charger.)
  • Charging time: ≈4 hours.
  • • All PPS devices have a Lighted Battery Capacity indicator showing remaining charge.
  • Auto shut-off when not in use.
  • Micro-Starts are supplied with an Instruction Manual.
  • Micro-Starts are supplied with all accessories to jump start or charge devices.

XP-10 Micro-Start PPS

The Micro-Start XP-10 PPS (Personal Power Supply) is unrivaled for performance & quality in the mini jump-start segment. It was the TOP RATED Jump Starter by Consumer Reports in July 2015. That says a tremendous amount about the quality and abilities of Antigravity products. This is our MOST POWERFUL Micro-Start. Only 9″ x 3″ x 1.25″ it’s small enough to fit in your hand yet has the amazing power to Jump-Start Diesel vehicles up to 7L plus any car, truck, motorcycle or other powersports vehicle. It has proven to be the go-to device for professional mechanics as well as everyday riders and travelers.


XP-1 Micro-Start PPS

The Micro-Start XP-1 PPS (Personal Power Supply) is the BEST-SELLING mini jump-starter product that started it all. Winner of the SEMA New Products Award in 2013, it was the first & ORIGINAL mini jump-starter and is considered the industry standard in its class. So small it fits in your pocket yet so powerful it starts cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, watercraft and more!


XP-3 Micro-Start PPS

The NEWLY REDESIGNED Micro-Start XP-3 PPS (Personal Power Supply) has a great new look and now features a second USB port for Dual Charging capability. Additionally the XP-3 now has ability to be charged from any USB port via Micro-USB tip. So small it fits in your pocket yet so powerful it starts cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, watercraft and more!


Micro-Start SPORT

The NEW Micro-Start SPORT is one of the smallest lithium-ion Jump-Starter / Personal Power Supply (PPS) units available. It’s also the most compact Micro-Start Kit. Another feature distinguishing SPORT is its ability to recharge via any Micro-USB connection, such as found on your computer, in your car, a hotel or an airport. This allows for the ultra compact travel kit, as the same USB Cable can be used to charge both SPORT and your various USB devices. SPORT is small enough to fit in your pocket yet so powerful it easily starts cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, watercraft & more.


Power: 200A, Peak of 400A Power: 200A, Peak of 400A Power: 300A, Peak of 600A Power: 150A, Peak of 300A
Capacity: 12000 mAh Capacity: 8000 mAh Capacity: 18000 mAh Capacity: 7500 mAh
Ports: USB (x2!), 12V, 19V Ports: USB (x2!) Ports: USB (x2!), 12V, 19V Port: USB
Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight LED Flashlight
Dimensions: 6.75″ x 3.25″ x 1″ Dimensions: 6″ x 3″ x 1″ Dimensions: 9″ x 3″ x 1.25″ Dimensions: 5″ x 2.8″ x 0.875″
Weight: 434g Weight: 299g Weight: 510g Weight: 276g
Leatherette Carry Case Nylon Carry Case Leatherette Carry Case Nylon Carry Case
Case Size: 10″ x 7″ x 1.5″ Case Size: 9.5″ x 7.5″ x 1.5″ Case Size: 10″ x 9.5″ x 1.5″ Case Size: 7″ x 4″ x 2.5″
The ORIGINAL mini jumper… Fits in your pocket yet starts up to 6L V8 trucks. Charge laptop + 12V device + 2 USB devices! Ultra Compact yet has the power to easily jump-start up to 5.7L V8 trucks. Dual USB-device charging. USB in & out! Our MOST POWERFUL yet! Jump-Start gas engines and up to 7L Diesels! Power a laptop + 12V device + 2 USB devices! Our NEWEST model can easily jump-start up to 5L V8 trucks. Charge & power USB devices. Smallest, most compact Kit!



Mini Tyre Inflator / Air Pump for XP-1 / XP-10

Extremely compact Tyre Inflator / Air Pump to use specifically with your Micro-Start XP-1 or XP-10. The portable air pump features a built-in LED light, and comes with 2 different power cables plus a needle tip and plastic tip. Keep your vehicle tyres properly inflated and also pump up small rafts, sports balls and more anywhere you are.

• 12V DC Powered (can be powered via vehicle Cig Lighter port)
• Extremely compact
• Size: 108 x 90 x 38mm
• Weight: 453g
• Built-in LED light
• Only compatible with XP-1 & XP-10 (requires 12V output port)
• Includes two detachable cables for powering the Inflator
• Detachable cables allow for versatility and easy stowing


Multi-Tip USB Cable (4-into-1)

This 4 into 1 USB Cable is 17,7 cm long. It provides a single convenient cable that can charge most of your USB electronic devices since it has the most common tips attached. Saves space and is easy to carry. Tips include: Mini USB, Micro USB, Apple 30-pin and Apple 8-pin (thunderbolt - new type).

• Space-saving USB cable
• 17,7 cm long
• Multiple tips to charge a range of USB devices • Not for data transfer use!
• Tips: Mini & Micro USB, Apple 8-pin & 30-pin


Replacement Laptop Tips (XP-1, XP-10)

These are a set of Replacement Laptop Tips for the Micro-Start XP-1 and XP-10 models. The eight different detachable tips allow you to connect your Micro-Start to many different brands of Laptop charging ports (Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, and more). The tips attach to the universal cable provided in your Micro-Start XP-1 or XP-10 kit.

• Set of 8 different laptop-charging tips
• Replacements for Micro-Start XP-1 or XP-10


50cm DC Extension Cable (XP-1, XP-10)

This is a 50cm long extension cable for use with the MICRO-START XP-1 and XP-10 models. It gives you more length when you are charging your laptop or 12V devices. This longer extension cable gives you more room to have your MICRO-START a bit further from your device and you can work more comfortably while keeping your device on the charger.

• 50cm long extension cable for use with XP-1 and XP-10
• Approx. twice as long as the standard cord
• End connectors both Male 5.1mm x 2.1mm DC Tips
• Not compatible with SPORT, XP-3 or XP-5 (only have USB ports)


Cig Socket into DC 5.1mm (XP1, XP10)

This is a 76 cm long Female Cigarette Lighter Socket going into a 5.1 mm 12V DC Tip, that fits into the MICRO-START XP-1 & XP- 10 models. It allows you to power your 12V cigarette lighter powered devices. This cable allows you to connect your 12V devices that have a Male cigarette end to either the MICRO-START XP-1 or X-10. By doing this you can use your XP-1 or XP-10 to power these devices such as GPS, Tyre inflator, Lighting or other electronics powered by 12V DC.

• Permits power delivery to 12V devices with male cigarette-lighter connectors
• Only compatible with XP-1 or XP-10
• Simple and convenient accessory power cable


Female Cig Socket into EC5 Connector

This is a 45cm long Female Cigarette Lighter Socket going into an EC5 DC Tip. Also works with most other Mini Jump Starters with the EC5 port. This cable allows you to connect your 12V devices that have a Male Cigarette Lighter connector to any EC5 jump-start port, and use this EC5 port as a 12V power supply to your devices. By doing this you can use your Micro-Start or other brand of mini jump-starter to power your devices such as 12v GPS, or OBD2 devices, and other electronics powered by 12V DC supply. What sets this device apart from other similar products is the built-in protections to prevent over-discharge of the lithium battery within the mini jump starter. This protects your mini jump-starters Lithium Polymer battery from over- discharge and helps prevent the potential for damage to your unit or thermal runaway of your units lithium battery if over- discharged to far.

• Female cigarette lighter port into a protected EC5 port
• Length: 45cm
• Compatible with XP-5 or older versions of XP-1 & XP-3
• Power delivery to 12V devices with male cig. lighter connector


Starting Harness - Clampless - 3 Versions

The MICRO-START Clampless Starting Harness was made so that a rider or driver can easily jump start their vehicle using just their MICRO-START without the need for the jumper-clamps, or having to remove the seat on your motorcycle. It is a 30cm harness that connects directly to the battery while the other end can plug directly into the MICRO-START’s jumpstart port. It adds convenience and saves time if the situation arises when you have to jump start your vehicle. Simply connect the MICRO- START directly to this harness and jump-start your vehicle; no need to get out your MICRO-START clamps!

• Conveniently connects directly to the battery
• Easier to do a jump start
• Quicker jump start - no Clamps required
• No seat removal required on motorcycles
• Length: 30cm • Available in 3 versions - check PSP COMPATIBILITY!!!