Double J-Mount

The J-Mount is a mounting system for navigation devices using a soft rubber compound to dampen vibration and protect the unit and rider.

Intended to be mounted on any motorcycle, ATV or anything with a handlebar, the J-Mount is easy to mount and no fuss to use.

Single J-Mount

This nifty piece of kit will make you look cool and make your ride way faster. No more getting lost and it will protect your expensive Garmin devices.
Keep your gear safe!
Where to Buy

J-Mount now available for the Garmin Oregon 600

Other J-Mount Supported Products

Garmin ETREX units (10, 20, 30)

Currently available

Smart Phones and Fitness Watches

Apple iPhone 6,7,8 S models, Samsung Note 1, Nokia 8 plus inserts for most fitness watches coming soon


(installation instructions many vary)

Loosen the trip computer

Cable tie diagonally to the inside of the triple clamp bolts

Bolt the trip computer back in place

Insert your devices

Fit the silicone mount in place

Then cable tie diagonally to the outside of the triple clamp bolts

Re-attach the number board

You're ready to hit the trail!